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LEDGloves.com is headquartered just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and processes orders daily. All orders ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail, and send out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Use this map to estimate how many business days your package will arrive in.

LEDGloves.com shipping times

Please note that these times are estimates and not guarantees. All shipments are contingent upon the operation of the United States Postal Service. If there is an issue with delayed delivery, please contact your local USPS office. We reserve the right to not ship your order within 24 hours if there are any issues with billing, shipping cost, shipping address, inventory, or any unforeseen incident.



We accept returns if all contents are returned sealed and unused. We process cancellations if we receive notice prior to the order being shipped. The sooner you let us know, the better!


Price Match

WE PRICE MATCH! Contact us with a screenshot of a comparable glove set at a lower price, and we’ll match it!


LEDGloves.com Promoters

Glovers can create a promoter’s account on our website by registering here. The username you select will be your promo code, which gives anyone who uses it 10% off their purchase. As a promoter, 5% of sales using your code go back into in your account as store credit. Successful promoters can work towards company sponsorship.


LEDGloves.com Sponsorship

The individuals we choose to represent LEDGloves.com stand out from most glovers. All of our sponsors began their journeys as promoters, and spent countless hours creating opportunities to spread the glove everywhere they go through rallying their communities, both online and locally. We believe no hard work goes unnoticed. So if sponsorship is a goal of yours, give us no choice other than to notice you!


LEDGloves.com Glove Love Fam

We know glovers love nothing more than going to events and giving lightshows. That’s why we built the Glove Love Fam, a nationwide collection of top tier gloving talent that you can find at events to guarantee you a melted face. We supply our Glove Love Fam with gear for the weekend, and an experience that will last a lifetime. Like our Glove Love Fam Facebook page to stay up to date with announcements for how to apply and what festivals we will be at!


Wholesale LED Gloves Distribution

We are a leading distributor of wholesale LED glove sets. Retailers around the world trust our name and are confident carrying our product. Whether you’re a community leader looking to provide for your region, or a vendor looking to supply our products, reach out to us to initiate the process!


LEDGloves.com Lifetime Warranty

LEDGloves.com provides a lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover loss, water damage, or physical abuse. If you receive a product that is defective, we will ship you out a replacement product- all we need from you is to cover shipping. If you have questions about your product qualifying for warranty replacement, please use our contact form.


Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m new to gloving, where do I start?”

Lucky for you, you came to the right place! We built easy to follow tutorials for glovers of all levels to learn the foundations of gloving. Head over to our tutorials page to begin exploring!


“What light glove set is right for me?”

This chart shows all our glove sets and their respective features side-by-side. If you have questions regarding any of our light glove sets, check out their manuals. The manuals provide a more detailed look at all the features included.

LEDGloves.com product comparison chart

“Why aren’t my gloves turning on?”

If you click your light and it doesn’t turn on, first see if LED lock is engaged. For Uber Nano LED microlights, hold the button for 3 seconds. .

For Aurora Nano LED microlights, hold the button for 3 seconds.

For Supernova LED microlights, hold the button for 8 seconds. All other chips do not contain LED Lock. If this does not turn your lights on, try replacing your batteries. If new batteries do not turn your light on, contact LEDGloves.com regarding a warranty replacement.


“Why aren’t my LED microlight’s colors displaying properly?”

LEDGloves.com microlights reduce color output as the batteries die. As a result, this is your telltale sign to change your batteries!


“Why is there only one mode on my programmable microlight?”

Your microlight was most likely put into conjure mode- a function that turns your programmable LED light into a one mode light. To resume normal function, simply hold the button while the light is on, and release once the light flashes blue.


“Why are my batteries draining when my lights are off?”

This is a common problem associated with using lesser grade lithium coin cell batteries. Lithium batteries that come in trays are typically B/C grade batteries and have significantly lower lifespan. We only sell A grade, individually sealed lithium coin cell batteries. To ensure proper functionality, we only guarantee our products to work when used with our batteries.


“My buttons are acting weird or aren’t clicking. What do I do?”

Turn your chip upside down with the button facing the floor, and flick the button forcefully a few times. If this doesn’t take care of the issue, please contact LEDGloves.com regarding a warranty replacement.



We believe in consent! We have never disclosed any information to third parties without consent, and never will. Above all else, your privacy is our priority. We do not save any payment or credit card information, and we make sure your payment information is sent through PayPal’s secure channel.


Terms & Conditions

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I understand that the use of “LED Gloves”, “LED Poi”, and “LED Orbits” among all the products available on LEDGloves.com can be a hazardous activity. I understand the use of these products includes numerous risks of injury, and that LEDGloves.com products can be dangerous if used improperly. LED Gloves should be used at a reasonable distance away from the viewers’ eyes, and LED Orbits must be spun in a controlled fashion with considerable distance from the viewer. I understand that products sold on LEDGloves.com contain small parts and are a choking hazard for small children. I understand that products sold on LEDGloves.com contain lithium batteries, and understand the safety concerns and precautions associated with use, safe handling, charging and disposal of said lithium batteries.  LEDGloves.com is not responsible for any injuries or damages that can result from any of the products sold on LEDGloves.com, any of its affiliates, or produced by LEDGloves.com LLC.

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