For Glovers - By Glovers

Here at, we focus on community building and bringing people together. It’s the human interactions we are missing most in the world as we all sit behind computer screens all day.

Our mission is to bring people together; the way we do it is through gloving. We manufacture brilliantly designed LED rave toys spanning a wide variety of flow arts, including LED light gloves, LED orbits, LED hoops, kaleidoscope glasses and more.

We pride ourselves on more than just the quality of our EDM products; is working hard to nurture gloving communities across the nation. Supporting us means supporting the growth of gloving as an art and competition.

As a company by glovers for glovers, we strive to please you. That’s why all our rave gear is backed by a lifetime warranty, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

From wholesale LED gloves to lithium coin cell batteries or diffraction glasses, we will make sure you leave with a smile on your face.