The Best LED Glove company around!

Over the years I’ve seen many gloving companies come and go… Admittedly I was an emazing lights fanboy until I found literally everything they make is amazing. I broke an aurora nano at Coachella, and emailed Jarrad and without even responding I had not 1, but 2 new chips at my front door 3 days later. THATS customer service!

Pleasantly Surprised by the Premium Whites

So when I first saw the premium whites I was skeptical, I thought they sewed a gold label on and charged an extra buck… But I got a free pair from a giveaway (thank you btw) and they’re way way way better. Slightly thicker, like they say you really can feel the quality when you put them on. Good job guys, you sold me =)

LED Gloves and Gloving

Here at we are world renowned for making the finest professional grade LED gloves, but that’s only half of our job. The other half is putting a smile on your face, something we take very seriously. 
Gloving means different things to different people, for many it’s an art or style of dance, others it’s a fun way to relieve stress; but for those dedicated few, gloving is a way of life. We are extremely passionate about our love for gloving, and fall into the latter category.
Watching a well composed light show is breathtaking. It’s a beautiful experience that words just can’t quite express. With nothing more than your hands and a pair of LED gloves, you can create illusions with light that will leave your audience speechless.
We are heavily involved in the gloving community and dedicated to helping the art of gloving grow and prosper. After countless hours of working with glovers from around the world, we decided to take a fresh look at LED microlights. Using what we learned from the vast gloving community, we revamped the classic gloving light and redesigned it to fit on a new, smaller platform.
Over a year of research and engineering went into building the Aurora Nano LED glove set.  We are proud to say that our hard work paid off, and now we are able to offer you the smallest (40% smaller actually) and most comfortable programmable LED light gloves a raver could ever want! is a company created by glovers, for glovers. It’s our mission to take these magical experiences and share them with the world, one smile at a time.