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CR1225 Batteries (Nano Size)

CR1225 Batteries (Nano Size)

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CR1225 Batteries – 20x

This pack of CR1225 lithium coin cell batteries is enough for 1 full battery change in any of our Nano sized glove sets. These batteries will NOT fit any other microlights other than our Nano line. On average, two CR1225 batteries provide 14 hours of battery life to the LED light. Battery life may vary due to the colors, tints, or modes used.

You save when you buy in bulk! Grab a 5x battery refresh pack to save yourself time and money in the long run. You can also bundle 5 sets of CR1225 batteries with 5 pairs of replacement gloves with this combo refresh pack.

Intended Use

Please leave batteries in packaging until time of use. Improper storage discharges your batteries and renders them useless. We are not responsible for replacement or refund of improperly stored items. All of our batteries come in blister packs to ensure they’re fresh and at 100% charge when you open the package.

Please be environmentally friendly and dispose of batteries properly. Click here to learn how to easily dispose of used batteries.

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