Synergy Wireless Sync LED Glove Set

Synergy Wireless Sync LED Glove Set

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This is it, it's finally here! After 8 years of advancing gloving technology, we've built the holy grail of gloving, the Synergy Wireless Sync LED Glove Set.

Here is the epic list of Synergy features:

  • Active wireless sync technology (1 click changes all your lights)
  • Rechargeable - Around 7 hours use, 1 hour charge time
  • Dual programmable LED's (front facing + top facing)
  • Computer programmable through Google Chrome Web App
  • Software upgradeable through Google Chrome Web App
  • Storage space for 1000+ flashing patterns
  • Playlists allow you to access any mode at the click of a single button
  • 1 click sync - put all devices into pairing mode and 1 single click pairs them all
  • unlimited paired devices
  • 10000000+ pairing keys so you'll never interfere with someone else's gloves
  • Pixel perfect patterns, control every 1ms of your pattern
  • Custom charging cable allows you to charge all 10 lights at once without having to remove them from your gloves
  • 240mhz processor - 15x faster than any other gloving technology ever created
  • Custom manufactured silicone casings / diffusers 
  • 14.5mm wide (half way between a nano 12.5mm and classic chip 16mm)

There is more stuff but that's pretty much the more important features.

The video link below demonstrates how to connect/create patterns/add to your playlist, it really is just that simple =)


Below is the link to the Synergy web app


**To use this app, you must have an updated version of google chrome web browser**


Your Synergy Glove set comes with the following:

10x Synergy rechargeable dual LED microlights

10x Ergo Rx casings

10x Ergo Rx diffusers

2x 5x micro USB charging cables (only works for charging, not programming)

1x micro USB programming cable

1x Pair of white gloves

1x Gold Heart hard shell case




We are building and these as quickly as we can, we currently have a backlog of 1 week.

Orders will be sent out in the order they are received


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