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Synergy Wireless Sync LED Glove - Single Chip

Synergy Wireless Sync LED Glove - Single Chip

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This is it, it's finally here! After 8 years of advancing gloving technology, we've built the holy grail of gloving, the Synergy Wireless Sync LED Glove Set.

Here is the epic list of Synergy features:

  • Active wireless sync technology (1 click changes all your lights)
  • Rechargeable - Around 7 hours use, 1 hour charge time
  • Dual programmable LED's (front facing + top facing)
  • Computer programmable through Google Chrome Web App
  • Software upgradeable through Google Chrome Web App
  • Storage space for 1000+ flashing patterns
  • Playlists allow you to access any mode at the click of a single button
  • 1 click sync - put all devices into pairing mode and 1 single click pairs them all
  • unlimited paired devices
  • 10000000+ pairing keys so you'll never interfere with someone else's gloves
  • Pixel perfect patterns, control every 1ms of your pattern
  • Custom charging cable allows you to charge all 10 lights at once without having to remove them from your gloves
  • 240mhz processor - 15x faster than any other gloving technology ever created
  • Custom manufactured silicone casings / diffusers 
  • 14.5mm wide (half way between a nano 12.5mm and classic chip 16mm)

There is more stuff but that's pretty much the more important features.

The video link below demonstrates how to connect/create patterns/add to your playlist, it really is just that simple =)

Below is the link to the Synergy web app

**To use this app, you must have an updated version of google chrome web browser**




Your Synergy Glove Single Chip comes with the following:

1x Synergy rechargeable dual LED microlight

1x Ergo Rx casings

1x Ergo Rx diffusers




We are building and these as quickly as we can, we currently have a backlog of 1 week.

Orders will be sent out in the order they are received


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